Saturday, 18 June 2005

The D Day: Discovering Blog

Today I decided to pen my thoughts on contagious communication or rather push my thoughts on the keyboard; and what better way to share my ideas with the rest of the world than through my very own blog.

Blogs are central to spreading the word, it is informal journalism, not to mention a great marketing tool, and it is so easy to use that I just couldn’t help myself but not to use it.

I will take this diary as an ongoing dialogue between my project and myself and I have a feeling that this will probably turn from contagious to a "Neverending Diary".

Posted by Nadia Aamer

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Zach said...

I came across your post saying that blogging is a virus. I recently had the same thought and gave the virus a name...blogivola. Its a combination of blog, HIV, and Ebola. Highly infectious, spreads between people, and no known cure.