Thursday, 12 April 2007

Camera with a phone

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Walking outside my office in Dubai Media City I was touched by the scene that literally lay in front of me, two human beings humbled by the gigantic structures in the vicinity. I pulled out my Nokia n93i which is actually a "camera with a phone" and not the other way around.
Think of it this way, combine two or more things that are important to you and come up with a new gadget. For me a camera is essentially more important than a phone. I need a phone so this is a perfect solution for me. Not a camera that i have to carry around but something that i can simply pull out of my purse and snap, snap, a picture with attention to detail, an amazing 3.2 mp resolution.
And I'm loving it.

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your lucky to have that gizmo said...

Marvellous. Your Nokia n93i sure does you proud.

secretdubai said...

There is somethign kind of lovely about that. What I like is the way that despite all the bustle going on around them, they are able to sleep.

finding thyself said...

with our so called sophisicated lifestyle i am sure we wont be able to enjoy the peace these 2 souls are fortunate to have.

Very good observation of God's work.

Lia said...

Well said.