Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Buzz and the City

And so began my journey, trying to find out more about the Virals and their nature. I was in the city of Dubai which is where I am, when not in London. Dubai has created a viral of its own, everyone’s heard about the seven star hotel which resembles the sail of a boat and everyone knows that they are crazy enough to create their own “man made islands” known as the Palms which together form the shape of a palm. So what? Don’t have an island? Let’s make you one. So that’s the buzz about Dubai, it is the city of dreams, where apparently nothing is impossible; and all you need to have is some wild imagination.

Surrounded by the un impossible land where winning the race is all about being huge and large (pun intended), and where everyone seems to come up with a bigger and better idea than the other, I wanted to know what’s new and unusual. How does the clever advertising man create a positive word of mouth to sell these ideas to people? In other words how do the idea merchants of Dubai do it?

Posted by Nadia Aamer

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