Wednesday, 17 August 2005

Question: Is Blogging Viral?

Answer: Blogging is definitely contagious, because Blogs are the ultimate online platforms where informal journalism has taken new shapes and definitions. It is making the information age ever more exciting and may I also add that it has never been easier to publish your thoughts and share them with like minded people around the world.

What is the one thing that everyone longs for, whether they are the CEOs or the salesmen? It’s the feeling of being important and having “your say”. Everyone has a “point of view” these days, and believe it or not, most of us think that we are living in undeserved obscurity and that nobody recognises our achievements or true worth. When something like Blogs comes along wielding tools of publicity, it offers fulfillment of a deep seated yearning. In addition, there are more people than you think with philanthropic desire to tell the world a few truths it should know. Blogs make it possible for anyone from professional geeks to regular people to share ideas and today everyone has something to say.

Blogs my darlings are here to stay!

Blogs work in two ways, they can be used to market ourselves through our ideas and created intelligently, they can help introduce and sell a new product/service in an informal way. It’s word of mouth in its true sense.

The newest trend in blogging is"Videoblogging" a.k.a "Vlog" where people like you and me can edit post and publish their videos on the web. For the first time in human history every individual has the power of self-expression to reach global audiences. Does that fascinate you? Do you know how to get started? The buzz words are coming on fast: aggregation, enclosures, "Really Simple Syndication (RSS)".

Visit for more information on Vlogging
Listen to the [clip] about audio logging an open source documentary on Blogs. Blogging defined by the author of “Permission Marketing” and “Unleashing the Idea Virus”.

Blogs, Vlogs, Alogs, and Dogs- A penny for your thoughts...

Posted by Nadia Aamer