Saturday, 17 December 2005

Screening of “Mind the Gap” at "Inside Out" Discussions in applied imagination

At : OXO Tower Bargehouse Street, London SE1 9PH,
17-18 December 2005 Bargehouse,
Open 10am-7pm daily (10am - 5:30 Sunday 18 December)


Description: 33 experts have convened in London from all corners of the world representing the eclectic minds of young individuals from the Far Eastern Regions, South Asia, North America, South America and the European Union under a single interdisciplinary postgraduate course, MA Design Studies at Central Saint Martins. Nadia Aamer's Vlogumentary "Mind the Gap" is a “personal take” on the social, cultural and political issues that we face in a multicultural city like London today; a narrative of a person who believes that human interactions are much more complex than what we see on television while criticising the mainstream media for creating misunderstandings between the east and west, Muslims and non Muslims. This is an individual's effort to bridge the gap that builds in the minds of the people through repeated exposure to negative imagery.

Summary: "London after 7/7", the town, the people and places. Watch this Vlogumentary at, or download it as video clips. And If you like what you see sharemindthegap with your friends and colleagues.

Get Mind the gap will screened live from the website on the 2nd Floor left wing at the Society and Culture section.