Saturday, 14 January 2006

Wrap it! (warp marketing)

Take a benefit of your product or service, wrap it or stick it on some other object that best conveys the value of your brand.
Wait a minute! Am I selling my idea or someone else’s product like this one wrapped on TicTac. I am selling my idea on top of a product. I think I am giving meaning to what it does for me for example if you share a TicTac with someone you, a bit twisted but it works. That is what you call clever combos or juxtaposition (to be a part of more sophisticated art) when you combine two to create meaning within the audience's mind.

(On the right are pictures from my exhibition at OXO Tower London, where I put a Sampling Box of TicTacs wrapped in my message).

So, folks get out there and “find an item that makes your point”, great tool for personal promotion. Let’s see how creative you can get with this, try sensual marketing, how about sending a scent, or a sound etc.

Posted by Nadia Aamer