Friday, 5 May 2006

How "Googlable" are you, the "You" brand

There was a time when google was used to search for definitions on catch phrases and industry jargons but in the age of personal branding it seems only necessary that the minute you type your name and press enter, the screen should splash several links summarising what a killer professional you are.
Making yourself Googlable: You must have your own website and if you don’t have that you can create a blog without the hard work and expert skills of creating and hosting a website. If that isn’t enough try to get other people to talk about you and in return offer to talk about them on your website.
Just creating a blog is not enough; you need traffic on your website/blog to kill other links with similar content. One thing is for sure that the content needs to be exciting or something that can benefit the visitor in some way. Generally speaking websites that are cynical of authorities, companies and status quo get more traffic than those with positive, boring perspective. In short if you are going to talk about how good everything is and what a good day you had at work, you can be rest assured that you will not be seeing a lot of visitors except perhaps your family members.
to be continued....

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farrukh: copywriter & journalist said...

Nice views Nadia.

A blog could take more time than a static website.

And if you've got a loyal readership, the posting frequency needs to be maintained.

I learnt all this while developing my advertising and marketing blog.