Thursday, 6 April 2006

WARNING! This Idea Contains a Mind Virus

The mail that was sent directly to a selective audience in the form a postcard read "This Idea contains a mind virus. DO NOT read any further unless you are willing to be infected. The infection may affect the way you think in a subtle way or might alter the way you view things inside out".
One purpose was to make the people curious enough to find out what is it that may affect the way they think- In viral marketing word known as the "hook". The "hook" in this case being the proposition that this might alter your thinking.
The second objective was to make a connection with the subject of exhibition "Inside Out". The exhibition itself challanged routine, norms and questioned the status quo of present and predict the future of design. With the likes of product and image designers, musicians, and brand strategist the exhibition proved to be an eye candy for the visitors. “Mind the Gap” along with 33 other eclectic minds, enticed the audience to apply their imagination.


Anonymous said...

do you visit
talk about viral blogs. this is a great one featuring prominent south asians

Farrukh: copywriter & journalist said...

You have more pictures of the exhibition, Nadia? Would like to see.

naamer said...

Yes I do have more pictures of the my space at the exhibition. What are you interested in? Let me know.